help please - motherboard can't detect HDD

hi, i just got a computer built for me with the asus P5GD1 motherboard. the optical drive is plugged into the primary IDE connector and its jumper setting is master. I plugged my HDD (jumper set to master) into the primary RAID connector (which, according to the manual, is set up in IDE mode by default) and in BIOS setup it doesn't detect that the HDD is there. But the strange thing is when i use partition magic it knows the HDD is there. but the BIOS setup and Windows setup doesn't think it is.. can somebody please help me
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  1. You could have a few problems. First of all, the IDE RAID controller and the EIDE controller seen from POST are two different things! I'd turn OFF the IDE RAID controller in BIOS and use the chipset's controller to reduce boot times. That means you have to pick the correct place to plug the cable in!

    Second, if you have a Western Digital drive and it's single, it should NOT be jumpered for Master. This is your most likely problem. WD drives use "no jumper" if they have no slave. There's a couple places you can stick the jumper sideways where it won't do anything, WD uses that as a way to hold the jumper as a spare part.

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