How to apply widescreen fix for bioshock and far cry 2

hi can anyone tell me how to apply the widescreen fix for bioshock and far cry 2? i really dont get what the instructions are trying to tell me (run trainer/hack?) i have a 21.5 inch monitor (1920×1200 res) and i also do not know what fov values to put in. thanks guys.
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  1. Do you have a legit copy of the game?
  2. nope pirated
  3. far cry 2 is pirated sorry and bioshock is legit (retail)
  4. google far cry 2 16:9 hack and you should be able to find the app, its an exe you have to run during the game, it lets you run any aspect, so you have to fool with it, or find what settings someone running 16:9 used.
  5. so what is run trainer/hack?
  6. i already downloaded it, i just want to know how to apply the patch
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