New cpu/mb - won't boot .. help!

I was running an AMD Athlon XP1900 with a 350W PS. I just got a new CPU/MB combo from Fry's .. P43.0Ghz with MSI PT880neo mb and 512 mb of PC3200 DDR which Fry's said would work for this MB.

I plugged in the ATX 20pin connector and the ATX 12v connector (4 pin). 4 pin is supposed to power the CPU according to the manual. When they are both plugged in and I try to boot, the PS won't turn, it makes a buzzing sound. I get a brief power to run the LCD and the ethernet card light stays on, but that's it.

If I disconnect the 4 pin, the fans will turn on, but not the HDD and I get an error message that says the CPU is bad (obviously since it's not connected anymore).

Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Is my PS too old, or am I not connecting right? Is the CPU bad? Is the MB bad?

Any help would be great!!

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  1. If it's a cheap generic psu, that could be your problem.
    You also may get some help, by reading the top post in this forum. It's a good FAQ, pay special attention to the part about standoffs.
    Good luck.
  2. I am going to track down another PS today, yes mine is a generic PSU. I did also see the part about the motherboard being grounded on a post. I am assuming that isn't the case if I can take off the 4 pin plug and it will start up?

    I didn't see the other part you are mentioning about "standoffs" I read that post a few times, maybe it's a term I'm not understanding?

    Any other troubleshooting right now other than finding another PS?

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  3. When you get your new PSU, you may want to try taking the mobo out of the case, connecting the PSU, and only connecting the bare essentials (RAM, Graphics Crad, HDD) until you know it will POST. Then, take it all apart, put it back in the case with the same components, and if it doesn't post, there is likely a problem with the mobo shorting.

    Good Luck!

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