Red light on motherboard

I have a new NF7-S mobo and it doesn't POST. I suspect my old AMD processor. I notice when I have the computer plugged in that there is a red light on the mobo. Does anyone know what it is? I can't find it in the manual. Also, besides changing out my processor, does anyone have any suggestions on testing? If I take out the processor completely the computer won't POST right? Thanks.

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  1. what video card do you have in it?

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  2. As for the red light on the mobo, thats just there to let you know that the power cord is plugged in and the PSU switch is ON. (It is in the manual somewhere, just in small type)

    When you press the power button, does anything happen? Do the fans spin for a second then stop? Do you get any POST codes? Have you tried with the board out of the case and only the video card/RAM/CPU plugged in?

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  3. 1. Leadtek GEForce 2 Ti

    2. No POST codes, no POST. When I start it up the case fan starts, I didn't check the CPU fan yet, and the power LED in front of the case goes solid for a short time but the HD LED doesn't. Screen is black.

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  4. Agent;

    Reset c-mos.
  5. Does it turn on for a few seconds and shut off?

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  6. I have the exact same problem with a 7-month old HP Compaq dc5750 that was working perfectly. I had the PC boxed & crated, and shipped to the Philippines. It arived DOA???

    I get absolutley zero signal to the keyboard or video monitor whether the digitlal or anallog connection is used??? Exhaust fan, CPU fan, lights, USB, HD, and mouse appear to be fine. The monitor indicates it is now connected when is actually is???

    Any clues??? Maybe something funny with the building wiring, wired out of phase, etc. fried the board???

    Any clues are appecieated since I am now on the other side of the globe and away from familiar resources.


  7. agent, as sparky said, the red LED tells you that the power supply is plugged into wall and physically switched on. It's powered by a small, completely separate section of the PSU called the standby power supply.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread for both of you:
  8. I have this problem. The CPU is working fine when it's not connected to any USB device. But when USB is connected, the CPU automatically (all of sudden black out) restart again, and again (whenever the USB is still connected) right after Logo screen. The light inside the CPU/motherboard is solid red. The fan is working. Even I tried with Jumper plugged off
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