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I am having some troubles with what I call "response lag".

For some video games, I get a lagging response from the mouse (and keyboard) when I have some video settings turned on high.

This seems to happen most with anti-aliasing and motion blur settings, but it can happen in some games where I have those settings turned off.

Is this a video card issue or something else? Any insights into this issue would be much appreciated. I am not sure what I should upgrade to fix this problem.

Setup: 2.4 GHz quad core, 4 GB RAM, Asus 4650 video card (512MB).
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  1. which games are u playing a 4650 cant handle the the best games out there.
  2. I play mostly, TF2(works perfect even with max), L4D2, and Currently City of Heroes(many settings have to be lowered).

    Of the games I tested the problem definitely arose with slightly newer games such as FEAR 2, Borderlands, and most notably Dead Space(which showed the most of this response lag). It also comes up with CoH when I put the settings higher.

    There is no fps loss however, which leads me to think it might not be a graphics issue. It's just that using the keyboard/mouse with settings high yields a noticeable delay from button press to actual movement on-screen.
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