Help with rise of nations (not the legends)

hey i wanna play rise of nations on my second montior due to the fact it wont let me set a higher res higher then 1280x1024 my 2nd montior supports it and i dont like to switch on CCC (ati's video card software) to make make the 2nd to 1st then i have to put everything where it pose to be at again... :pfff:

please just dont view but respond....
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  1. 12 views and no reply.... i really need help
  2. Don_Dana said:
    12 views and no reply.... i really need help

    The closest you'll get is running it in windowed mode and "maximizing" it to the most you can within the other monitor. Other than that there is simply no "drag and drop full screen programs" from one monitor to the next. That is unless you switch over your primary monitor as you've mentioned before. TBH, just play on your primary large monitor, I play Diablo 2 (800x600) on my 1920x1200 24", It's really not that bad IMO.
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