Trouble w/ Motherboard Monitor

I opened the Motherboard Monitor dashboard the other day and was shocked to see that the +12 V is listed at about 16.3 V!

I have an Asus P4P800 motherboard. I hope that MBM has the wrong sensor and I don't have a messed up PSU. What is the correct sensor for the +12 V rail for this motherboard? Also, what problems can I expect if my PSU is actually running at the voltage listed by MBM?

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  1. I'd suggest just installing Asus PC Probe to compare the readings. Pretty sure PC Probe will know which sensor is which. ;) Actually, know it does. It's on cd that came with your board. Pop it in and let it auto run, should be a tab on top called utilities or some such.
  2. Good call. I installed PC Probe and checked the voltages that way. They all appear to be running at the correct voltages. Whew!
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