Slow CPU on a Soyo Dragon 2 Board..

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Subject: Slow CPU issues?

Ok, so about a month ago, I posted a issue I was having with my CPU showing up as a 4.6gig P4 chip. Thinking I had a MB issue (Soyo Dragon 2), I had the board replaced. This issue has since continued and here is where I am at. I am looking for any other advice anyone is willing to share.

I purchased a NEW P4 3.2 (800mhz) cpu to verify the CPU was not the issue, and here is what happens. 95% of the time, the machine passes post normally, and id's a p4 3.2 cpu. sometimes it shows up as a 1.4 gig cpu..., hard power cycle clears that error.

now, the other 95% of the time, half of it boots normally, goes into windows XP and runs at 2.66 mhz (according to toms hardware cpu testing untility and windows XP) the other half it runs at 3.194mhz... (again according to toms utility and xp)

I have a new MB, new CPU, 4 memory sticks (rotated out to make sure I did not have a bad stick) of DDR400mhz ram, a 380watt antec PS, 2xWD 120gig hd, and a DVD burner. I also rotated my graphics card with my other machine, this did not fix the issue... so I am lost...

Any ideas??? The only thing left if to swap out Power supplies.. maybe this one is going bad and not allowing the chip to run at full power? This one puzzles me...
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  1. First off, are you sure you are running at the wrong speed. Sensors can be confused , even by windows. Download the latest revision of S Sandra, and mbm5. Make sure your board is supported, and check with them.
    The only speed jump that makes sense is to 1.4 ghz. This would be the throttled speed, so check to make sure your hsf is secured properly, clean, and the fan is running ( not jammed, or unplugged.)
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