hi can any one tell me what the correct fsb is to run a xp2200 on a ASROCK k7s41 fsb400MHz DDr400 motherboard.
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  1. I've reading AMD specs for various processors, and all 2200+ models have the 266 MHz Bus.

    It means that the real bus speed is 133 Mhz.
    And it´s double pumped 133 x 2 = 266 MHz.

    I think your MotherBoard can support this FSB but you better read its documentation.
  2. Almos forget...

    The 2200+ CPU speed is 1800 Mhz. (aprox)

    The multiplier for the CPU is 13.5 (set it in the BIOS)
    The real bus speed is 133 (set it in the BIOS)

    13.5 x 133 = 1795.5 MHz. (Your processor's working speed)
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