Horse Power to handle GTA 4 !!

Hello All,I would like to weather my crap pc will run GTA 4 at 1024*768 with low-med details at 25-30 FPS...?
I have:
CPU:Pentium Dual Core E5400 OC@3.33Ghz
GPU:Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT 1GB
RAM:2*1GB DDR2 800 in Dual Channel
HDD: SATA II 320 GBWD Cavier
Will i be able to run GTA 4 at 1024*768,1280*1024........setting with low or medium detials...
If anyone has the same GPU and CPU and has tried it please tell how it worked...............
I know GTA 4's a multi-thereded monster game it requires a quad to suffice it.....!
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    GTA 4 is known as a very bad port from console to PC, even people with high end systems have problems running the game, its a case of lazyness and time saving for the developers of the game.
    Your not the first person to ask about if your system will be able to play GTA 4.
    With an Nvidia 9400 GT exspect very low frame rates indeed.
  2. I think you could get by with passable frame rates at lowest settings.
  3. GTA 4 was a big letdown- I just built the computer in my sig two weeks ago, having serious fps issues with max settings. Didn't even bother lowering the settings to get it playable, just uninstalled it :-P
  4. .....there is always putting the - NoRestrictions - in a txt file in the game folder (command line etc) - which will take out the artificial limit in the game gfx wise (maybe to let the consoles look good) and let you set anything over what your card would "normally" handle, I dont honestly know if this should have helped as much as it has on my rig but it took an unplayable game at medium and let me run it literally flat out except shadows (set to 2 on the slider) - and if you read several other forums on this it will tell you Im not alone in the magical boost it gave me).

    Find your gtaiv dir (where gtalauncher is) and create a txt file called


    and add your parameters there - write:


    and save the file.....simple.

    Try it for yourself at the exact same game settings (shut down game - do the txt file - reboot game and reload same save etc) and watch the avg fps go up by about 35% I guesstimate....

    Worth a go at the very least as it will let you set over what you could before in the gfx options if it works.
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