Using older Athlon processors on new Socket A MBs?

I have an older motherboard and Athlon 1600 (or 1700, not positive) processor. The MB has died and I need to replace it. I'm planning on getting a cheap Chaintek 7NJL6 or 7NIL1 as I won't be doing any overclocking on this PC and just need to get it functional again. I just wanted to make sure that the nForce2 Ultra 400 chipsets will support the older processors. I don't seem to find any info saying they do not, but didn't want to order this board and not have it work.

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  1. It should work fine with a palimino or thoroughbred core.
  2. Are you sure the chip is still good? No point in getting an old board for a dead chip.
  3. nForce2 Ultra400 will work with any CPU released for Socket A

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  4. Thanks for confirming, that makes me feel better.

    That's a good point about having a bad CPU. I can't seem to figure it out without buying either the chip or the motherboard on my own, and if I take it somewhere by the time I pay for the diag. labor, I might as well have purchased a new motherboard or chip.

    My plan is to buy an inexpensive MB, and hope that it's the old MB that is the problem. If it's not, then I'll buy a new chip as well (probably a Mobile 2500). I may be wrong, but I didn't think 2500 class chip would work in the old MB I have anyway, so I don't think I can get by without buying the new board regardless. (I don't have the old MB model off hand, but it's an old Gigabyte and I'm pretty sure it doesn't even support a 333 FSB. Could I run a 2500 chip in that and just have it scale down to 266 FSB?
  5. look at my 7vtxh gigabyte mb thread if u have same board hope it helps
  6. I believe I may have the same board. Thanks, good to know that I can use a new chip with an old MB, or vice versa. Now to try to do some more tests so I can determine which part has failed. (If not both.)
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