Onboard C-Media sound doesn't work on Soyo KT400

I recently put together a new box which includes a Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra Platinum motherboard, which comes with the C-Media CMI 8738 audio chip. I can't get any sound to work. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers/apps for the audio chip a number of times. The most sound I ever get is a split-second piece of the XP startup music after rebooting -- I hear it for a brief moment then it stops. No other system/audio sounds ever work. Running XPsp1a. I ended up disabling the c-media chip and putting in my old Soundblaster Live card and that works fine.

Any ideas what might be wrong with the c-media sound?
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  1. Who cares..ur SBLive is better anyway :smile:
  2. thanks for the help, you're a genius.
  3. Usually, if sound doesn't work, its a resource conflict. You can check in device manager to see what the conflict is. Usually it's easier to uninstall the other piece, and allow it to find different resouces. Sometimes you just have to change the slot the lan card is in.
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