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After a recent hard drive crash and reinstallation of Ultimate Doom, Doom
II, and Final Doom, I find my mouse does not work. There must be a way to
reengage it, but I have not been able to figure it out. Is there anyone out
there that can help me?
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    from the help file :

    If you are playing under Windows 95/98/ME, click on the "Configuration"
    button from the Launcher, then the "Mouse" tab. Make sure the checkbox
    entitled "Enable Mouse
    Support" is checked. Click on "Apply Now" and then "New Game". If your
    mouse still does not work, quit the game, run the Launcher again, click
    "Configuration" and go back to the "Mouse" tab. Now make sure the "Enable
    Mouse Support"
    box is checked, click on "Copy Configuration" and enter a name for your
    configuration (example: myconfig). Click on "New Game" and your mouse
    should work.

    If you are playing under Windows 2000 or Windows XP, or if the above did not
    work, your mouse will not work. Don't worry, though - all three games in
    the DOOM Collector's Edition were originally designed to play without a
    mouse. You can play entirely from the keyboard and get the true nostalgic
    gameplay experience of playing the games as they were originally played.

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