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I need help with my character in Diablo2 my certain character on a certain day just wouldent enter into the game for some reason and it would say bad inventory data what can i do to fix with problem and get my character back ive tried restarting my computer exiting diablo and coming back in going on battle.net and tcp but nothings working could u help me figure out whats going on please, and how to fix it
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  1. Bad inventory data means it's an installation problem. If the character is on Battle.net I would recommend just re-installing the game. If it's on local then backup your character beforehand (quick google will tell you how to go about that).

    I've seen this before but on a lighter scale, a friend couldn't look at a certain runeword without the game freezing when he hovered over it (was quite fun to prank around with).

    Good luck!
  2. Nice to see people still play Diablo 2 best game ever cant wait for Diablo 3..

    asauka right its a corrupted file. If you cant get into single player try logging into bnet under other connection and see if you can transfer your stuff (note need two computers) might fix issue but i doubt it
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