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i just got a new Asus a7n8x-E mobo with a 2100+ and 3200 ram. whenever i try to turn it on, the fans begin to whirl for about 3 or 4 seconds and right before when i would normally hear the BEEP, instead the complete sytem shuts down, and this happens every. Nothing shows up on the monitor. At first i thought it was the power supply so i switched it out with one i knew worked and the same problem occured just as it had before. Maybe its the ram? but that doesn't seem too likely. Any help would be great. thanks!
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  1. Well John, it sounds like you have a standoff in the wrong spot. To find out more about this, and other common problems, read the top post in this section. It's by Crashman, and is one of the best stickies I have ever met.
  2. yeah i suspect that thats the prob, thanks for directing me there. But now i just spent about an hour searching for what could have been grounding it but to no avail. I took the mobo out and made sure there wasn't any lose screws grounding it. The comp acts pretty wierd, it turns itself on with a little bump or if i shake it (but turns off after about 3 secs). Any tips on where to look for what could be grounding it? like one of the metal on the pci cards or something? any suggestions would be great. thanks!
  3. heya John;

    Try resetting C-mos, sometimes the manufacture has the motherboard set into a protect state by default which requires a c-mos reset for the motherboard to operate properly. If that doesnt end up being the solution, let us know.
  4. i reset cmos, took out the battery and all, but still nothing. i wonder if switching cases would solve the problem? Or maybe the mobo is shot? :[ Any help would be great. Thanks again!
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