Mw2 finds only 1-3 games on pc but on my laptop it

Mw2 finds only 1-3 games on pc but on my laptop which is connected to the wifi it found well over a dozen and connected me right away. I don't have firewall on and I don't have virus activated. I have all ports open in wireless router.

Is there a setting on the computer that I should check and change? Running Windows 7 64bit on both computers.


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  1. When you say you have all ports open, you may have opened your ports to a specific IP address (say, your laptop) thus your router opens the ports specifically for your laptop and not your desktop. My netgear router is annoying like that.
  2. I disconnected my netgear wireless router and connected the computer directly to the cable modem and still no luck. I also double checked my firewall and it is off. Any suggestions.
  3. i read somewhere that go to properties and clicking the local tab, and checking the integrity of the local cache if your game is not updated for some reason it will now start updating tell me if this works
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