I am running a raid O/ aray WITH two WD-10000 RPM HARD drives. When i load XP SP-2 The aray is no longer picked up by the O.S. Their for will not load the O.S.It locks up at the black page that says xp pro and the blue bars stop moveing.It seems like the raid drivers are lost when i install XP SP-2.If i format and reload XP and raid drivers all is well.If i load XP SP-1 Every thig is working great what gives With SP-2 ? Has anny One had this happen. Thanks for anny info. DENNIS
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  1. Wow, might try slipstreaming a XP SP2 install disk, and fresh install. That would give you the F6 option to install RAID drivers.

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  2. Thanks for the post. I have xp pro with sipstream SP-2 Every thing loadid just great F6 Raid drivers and all But.....at first boot up it locked up at the black screen XP PRO And the blue bars stop running. If i go back to A single drive SP-2 Works just great....
  3. Im having the same problem when loading XP pro. No problems with WIN 2K. Mine stops at the same screen yours does. I am using a single drive and still can get mine to go past the black sreen. Have figured out what the problem is?
  4. I only have the lock up with XP PRO And SP-2 While running my raid 0/Aray with two drives.If i load XP and SP-2 on a single drive every thing is great. But i would like to run my two WD 10000 RPM DRIVES.....What dose SP-2 Do to the area of raid O/ And serial ATA? That is the 64 mill ??????..
  5. I have no idea. I have the same lockup that you described, but it doesnt seem to matter if I go with single or multiple drives. I can't get XP Pro or Home to go past the XP screen. Have you updated your BIOS lately?
  6. youn could always ring up microsoft.

    they have promised free support for SP2 installations.


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  7. What raid controller are you using? Most raid controllers are software based and have a separate driver for raid and single disk mode so there is a good chance sp2 is just conflicting with the raid driver for your controller.
    I have 2 wd raptors in raid 0 on a sil3112 onboard raid controller and it runs fine in winxp pro sp2.

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