Would i7 plus 5870 run crysis 2

i heard a lot of articles says that crysis 2 would requier more powerful card than the hd 5870
that would be shameful for my new rig my rig is
i7 930 2.8 GHZ stock
XFX HD 5870 1 GB
Corsair 6 GB DDR3 1333 MHZ
do you think i would be able to play crysis 2 and by the way my resulotion is ( 1920 - 1080 ) samsung full hd screen 23 inch thanks for reading my subject
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  1. If Crysis 2 can run on the PS3 and 360 hardware... it will run fine on your i7 rig.

    EDIT: Unless Rockstar somehow gets ahold of it and ports it over.....lulz.
  2. i am playing crysis with an 5870 and a dual core amd athlon 3ghz cpu, the cpu are slow and at highest settings my cpu are working 80-100% all time, no overclocked cpu. And crysis 2 ha no jungle so it should need less cpu/gpu, depends.
  3. will thanks for replies but dont forget we ourselves have problems when crysis 1 released in 2007 we had to wait until these monsters coms out ( 4870 X2-GTX 295 )
    then we got the power to maximuem the game settings now why it should be more diffrent for Crysis 2
  4. you can definately run it, but maybe not with everything maxxed out. well it might work but will probabbly lag. or, you can get the beta and try it out :D
  5. Your system will be able to play crysis 2 on high res.

    Cry-engine 3 optimises graphics better than Cry-Engine 1.
  6. will thanks again for replies and by the way i have mentioned earlier that im playing at (1920 - 1080)
  7. Depending on the coding of Crysis 2 if you ask me.... We all know that Crysis was just filled with awful coding which is why we need such high end computers to run it. If the coding was vastly improved, then your rig should run it just fine.
  8. i've gotten crysis 2 running smooth with an i3 so you should never have a problem.
  9. coros5 said:
    i've gotten crysis 2 running smooth with an i3 so you should never have a problem.

    That's... not possible. Crysis 2 barely has trailers out. You mean Crysis: Warhead?

    Crysis: Warhead runs better and smoother than the original Crysis, that first game was just not very well implemented tho it looks great. I have to think at this point in time it would be very unlikely that Crysis 2 is going to crush modern GPUs. A 5870 should definitely do high settings. Very high tho? Hard to say. Hopefully the optimize it like Warhead but for now we just have to wait.
  10. you shouldnt have any problem with quad cores and i7 s ..
    The problem might be gpu afterwards, but as games of right now, your rig should perform real nice-
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