Please help! Driving me insane!

Hey guys, sorry not sure where to put this but it's driving me insane and I know this forum is very helpful.

Basically, I just purchased an elite xbox 360 console. I purchased a HDMI cable with it also.

I have a 23" BenQ 2412HD PC monitor, with HDMI input. So.. I have the HDMI cable connected to the monitor then into the console. This works, the xbox loads up fine etc. Problem is with the sound.

I have the cables that came with the xbox plugged into the xbox, then the red and white plugged into a splitter then into the front of my speakers, and I can't get sound! I've also tried plugging the red and white into the back of my stereo and chucking it on AUX but to no avail. Someone must know how to help me here! Thanks all <3
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  1. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but this is a computer forum, I'm saying it nicely because a lot of other wont, maybe try an Xbox forum or re-read user manual is all other advice I could offer man,
    *Edit, but I found this for you
    Edit over* Good luck
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  3. The problem is that the HDMI cable is sending the audio to the PC Monitor. I suggest either plugging the RCA cables into an actual TV, plugging the RCA into a VCR that can plug into a TV with coaxial cable, or purchase a TV with HDMI input.
  4. Not sure about Xbox, but I'm certain it's similar...

    I use my PS3 at home with HDMI to the HDTV, but for sound I run an optical cable. All I have to do is enter settings and switch the sound output from HDMI to Optical. So yeah, just check your audio settings.
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