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Well, ASUS tech support sucks as usual. This is the problem: My p4c800 decides to go and start acting up. When I leave the Q-fan stuff on my board active, my bios and pcprobe read the fan speed as being like -60000 and up to 80000 rpms. After dealing with ASUS's horrible tech support I get them to finally RMA the board, after waiting 2 weeks I get a new board (supposedly new atleast). Pop it in last night and enable Qfan and now I get readings of 27000 (at least this time they are positive now). When I don't enable Qfan I am fine, but otherwise it is still the same sh*t. Is it the board or can something else be altering these values?

Indeed my friend...your mother.
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  1. There's alot of hardware monitoring programs that aren't accurate, especially with cpu temps. At least asus sent you a new board.
  2. Q-fan and pc-probe are garbage. The boards are usually okay.
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