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i have windows 7 32bit and i was wondering if i get an ati card will i have driver issues?
and i was gonna get 4 gigz of ram will it be read properly in the 32 bit version?
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  1. have i posted this in the wrong section
  2. Sorry you havn't had a reply sooner, my mb died and only just got running again.
    You shouldn't have any problems with the driver for the new card, just make sure to install the 32 bit version.
    Of your 4 GB of ram, you will only be able to use about 3.5 GB maybe even a little less depending on your hardware. Otherwise it will be fine.
  3. +1 to Jonmor68

    your hardware will run just fine on 32-bit OS (WinXP is 32 bit, and tons of people still use it).
    Your will computer read the 4 GB of RAM as 3.5
  4. If you have the disk, I suspect you have both 64 and 32bit.
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