Reformatted Now Cant Play Games

Reformatted the PC now it will not play games. I was able to play Driver Parallel Lines before. Now it will not play any games at all. Spent days doing updates and it seems like everything is updated. Other non game applications seem fine.
Driver PL comes up as a black flickering box and then crashes within a minute.
Split Second starts and looks fine then crashes within a minute.

Other than reformatting I also cleaned out the dust with compressed air and now instead of a standard def 19 inch lcd monitor I'm using a 27 inch 720P lcd TV with s-video to component. I dont have a DVI to HDMI cable or adapter. Maybe the s-video is the problem?

Here is some info.
Also please let me know if I'm in the wrong area.
Thanks for any ideas.


idle temps

inside before cleaning

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  1. the problem is probably your new screen. its at a higher resolution, thus more work for your graphic card (GPU) and since your idle temps are already 68°C, your GPU would be overheating while playing a game.

    first recommendation: install atitray or atitool and set your fan at a higher speed.
    second: get a new graphic card (try the first one first, its free)
  2. Intresting to note by the picture you posted of the comp that you have infact not plugged in the extra power feed from the PSU to the X850 XT. I have little doubt it is the cause of all the crashing. :ouch:

    Dont use s-video to component, first of all the picture quality is really poor.
    You are also limited by a max res of 1024*768 @ 59Hz or 60Hz
    Waste of a tasty 27" monitor.
    Buy a HDMI cable and DVI to HDMI dongle.
    You should find it will bump your res up a hell of alot.

    Hope this helps you.
  3. Have ati tool installed already, set 100% fan above 50C for GPU.

    What is unplugged? There is a 6 pin plugged into the back of the card. Hard to see. Is there something else?

    I dont have the original DVI to VGA adapter either. So you think I should try a DVI to HDMI adapter? The new display has VGA, Component and HDMI.

    Think this will work?
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