Is there any game which run in 360 degree?(PC)

OK , guess that we have a ball which you can sit in there and 3 projector (120 degree each), make the screen. Is there any game(PC GAME) would support this resolution? Is this possible to do this project? last year I diffused the screen in 3 LCDs and ran Grid and stalker, now I want to know if I can do this project for same company...
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  1. I remember reading that some of the newer 3rd person shooters render the environment in near 360 (probably 270 or around there) but I'm not aware of any that you can actually display in 360. That said you can probably display some racing games that have a left and right and rear view with some modifications
  2. If it is possible for you , leave the link please .I need more informations.
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