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Hey guys I bought MW2 at BB for $39.99 as I enjoyed it on my neighbors 360 I figured what the heck id give the pc version a try.
I see alot of people complaining about no ded servers and no punkbuster. I could care less about the servers but the punkbuster is what has me on my toes about installing this game or not.

How often do you run across cheaters, aimbot wall hack you know what i mean, and what game modes are the worst for having cheaters in them?

I really want to install this and have some fun but if it is really full of cheaters im just gonna return it.

Also how do you think it will run on my pc? here are the specs
1280x720 monitor (32inch lcd hdtv ha ha)
E6850 @3.0ghz
Evga 8800gs 384mb video card
2gb ddr2 corsair xms 800mhz ram

I never use aa or af, i play fallout 3 at high settings and stay at 60fps all the time, i figure fo3 could be some sort of a reference, I wont use aa or af as it just kills the framerate and doesnt improve the visual enough for me to justify losing fps over it,

I really want to install this and buy the stimulous map pack but I dont want to play with a bunch of cheaters. Ive been playing cod4 and its making me wanna punch myself in the face, the graphics suck.

I run cod4 maxxed with no aa no af and get between 60-91fps with a low of 40fps, that only happened when 4 people started spamming smoke grenades at one time, normally its at 60fps plus with anywhere between 16-32 people playing., I dont know if MW2 is alot more demanding then cod4 or not, i hope not, i really dont want to buy a new video card.
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  1. When I play MW2 I rarely come across hackers/cheaters. MW2 on PC uses Steam, which has its own anti-cheat system called VAC, which means if any hackers were to be detected they would be completely banned from MW2 on their Steam account. I've only come across hacked lobbies, these lobbies are games which gives all players ability for speed or low gravity, sometimes even xp (haven't experienced it though). However I'm 100% certain that there are many hackers which change their ranks to get all weapons, since this type of hack is undetectable :(

    If there were cheaters they would be found in mostly 'Ground War' game mode.
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