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Last night I installed a new chip set fan. While I was in there i cleaned out any dust I had including the cpu fan. I left the fan unplugged by mistake and started up and after a minute it shut down due to the thermal protection on the MSI board. To day I was using clean sweep to clean out the drive "which I usually don't trust that program" and started having problem after that. I lost my new WD usb2.0 external HD. I cannot access it any where. The drive worked from the start all I did was plug in and there it was. I have alot of info on the drive but I cannot access it.Do you think the problem started with the unplugged cpu fan or clean sweep. I did a system restore and that did not help. Every thing else seems to be working OK. When I plug the WD usb drive in it seems to cause problems . Bruce

K7N2 Delta ILSR
XP Prof
1 gig kingston 2700DDR
EVGA 5200 /128 video
2800 barton
MAxtor 120 HD
Plex writer
sony DVD recorder

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  1. I would carefully check all connections inside PC again.
    Your USB cable could have gotten loose or your drive power cable.
    If that is not it, could be that clean sweep might have removed some registry keys pertaining to USB drivers???? (I dont use it myself)
    Then if still not working, look in device manager and see if your USB controller drivers are installed, might need to re-install them with latest drivers.

    You are right, drive should be plug-n-play.

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  2. I was not sure if I was to reply or start a new post. So I started a new post. I did notice that when I try to boot or shut down with the external drive plugged in it stops untill I unplug the drive then every thing shuts down and starts normal. Every thing in the PC is connected and the drive was acting normal earlier. It seems to stop every thing from acting normal. Bruce

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  3. When I try to access the drive it says drive not formatted . Do you want to format now. Bruce

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