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Hey Guys,

I've played a lot of older PC games and MMOs- what would you recommend for me to try out?

I'm a huge fan of Eve Online- played for years up until a few months ago. Are there any other MMOs out even remotely close in terms of the economy/skilltree that Eve has?

I have also Play/played WoW. We downed everything (minus lk hm ;\) and am bored of farming instances. I'll probably still pick up cataclysm.

I absolutely love Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn... probably best game of all time in my opinion. Other than Dragon Age, any game similar to this?

I may pick up BF2BC, as I'm a surgeon with the helicopter in BF2.

Thank you!
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  1. i would go with an slightly older game... battlefield 2142.its came out around 2006 7 or 8. i dont remember.but starcraft. starcraft 2 umm yea those are some pretty good games...
  2. since you play quite a bit of MMo...........i would recommend Aion
  3. hmmm............. let's see.............. how bout NOT mw2?
  4. I'm guessing you sorta like all FPS games.I reckon you should wait for the new Medal Of Honor, Crysis 2, COD black ops

    As a MMO recommendation, two thumbs up for Aion
  5. Try mass effect 2.The best 3rd person shooter-semi rpg game ever.
  7. If you like Eve Online, you might wanna give X3 Reunion / Terran Conflict a try. It's not a MMO game, but it is highly enjoyable if you want the ability to affect the economy, build you own fleet of fighter and capital ships. Of course that cost money and you need to make a lot of money in the game if you want your own space armada or industrial empire.
  8. Runescape
  9. Quote:
    I would also suggest Fallout 3, just played the game
    one word, AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  10. Nice, thank you for the recommendations- I'll give a few of these a try :)

    Fallout 3 LV comes out soon, right? Maybe I'll bust out some fallout and get ready for the expansion!
  11. x3 looks pretty awesome, much like an Eve type of game, I'll test that out as well :)
  12. Fallout New Vegas isn't an EP as far as I know. It's a whole new standalone game with no relation to the Lone Wanderer. :)

    As for games, I agree that you should check out Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and Fallout 3.

    Although you didn't seem to cite any adventure game as one of your interests, I'd strongly suggest you to check out Tales of Monkey Island since its still pretty kickass, in my opinion.

    If you're into RTS games, you could try checking out Sins of a Solar Empire. Pretty wicked, but kind of slow compared to fast-paced RTS games like C&C3. Civ 4, which is really a TBS game, is also plenty of fun if you don't mind the concept of taking turns. Dawn of War II is also a good squad-RTS game that you might wanna check out.

    Hope that gives you something to try out. :D
  13. Mass Effect 1 & 2

    Fallout 3

    If you want online mmo try Warhammer online.
  14. Sorry for the delayed responses... Went out and bought Mass Effect 2 while X3:Terran is downloading; Mass Effect 2 blew my mind.

    Amazing game.
  15. If you want to see the Fantasy version of EVE give Lineage 2 a try, it is a game that you won't get max level on in several years of serious play and like EVE it is more about the people you meet along the way.
  16. Wow player here. I've heard good things about Fallout 3 but I haven't played it so I couldn't suggest it.

    Have you played Oblivion before? It's kind of like an MMO without the other people. Pretty landscape, HUGE world. Might wanna try it (if you haven't) if you don't want to go to another MMO.
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