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there is an easier way to get stronger than enchanted armour. if you are playing morrowind just go to balmora to the temple go to the mage on the bottom floor to your left and buy a spell called fortitude for about 350 gold. then go to to the mages guild and but a soul trap spell for about 70 gold from the guild guide down stairs then go to a mage for spellmaking make the spell: fortify strength 100pts for 2 secs on self, soul trap on target. point it at the ground when you cast it. with the soul trap spell you can do this to all your attributes but i would not advise doing this with your speed because you move so fast you cant control where your going. when you use a soul trap the effect is permenant you can also do this to be immune to magic and sickness. also if you want a full set of ebony armour in ebonheart there is a member of house hillou that is easy to kill. he has a full suit of ebony exept for helm and shield if you have the game of the year edition there is wood elf ouside the temple of anamelexia if you talk to him he will ask you for money. tell him no. then leave. go back in 3 days and he will have full ebony. kill him. well i think thats all the help youll need for a while

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  2. Great... thanks... why couldn't you provide this info 7 years ago?
  3. im the anonymous fello gamer lord nearvar guy
  4. i just started playing the game
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