Granturismo 5 out within 4 months

Hi ya'll granturismo fans, I just pre-ordered Granturismo 5 from JBHifi here in Australia. The receipt has a release date slated for 1st of October. Can't wait :)
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  1. Thats great news, however until I actually have the game in my hand on the way home from store then I wont believe any release date for gt5, given that it has been pushed back every single time they have set a date so far.

    EDIT - In NZ whilst you can pre order for the start of october they are still saying estimated date only so wouldnt get your hopes up just yet that it will not be pushed further back to xmas or even into the new year...
  2. Owww Fingers Crossed they won't delay it :P
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but it has been confirmed the official release date for GT5 is November 2, 2010 :)
  4. haha yea I knew it would be pushed, that was announced at e3 right? so hopefully this time its gona happen.
  5. Yeah. I think it will though. My fingers are itching... sigh November is still a long wait though heheheh
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