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Hi guys. I was looking into buying a $1600 computer. For the time being, my family has a computer that is no longer upgradable (PCI slots only no more available memory slots). It can run Doom3 and HL2. I like computers and I like computer games. The comp we have now is aging. I was looking at dual 6600GT, 3500 AMD 64, gig ram, and a ASUS NF4SLI. I have the money for the comp, but my father says that it wouldn't be worth it to buy these parts (he doesn't know much about computers), because they would simply be out dated. I guess what I am asking is it worth it to spend that much on a computer just for games and eventually Microsoft Office. I am going to college next year and I was wondering if this rig would hold up through college for tyoping papers and school stuff. Any comments or personal experiences would be appreciated.
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  1. My comment is that your dad is a hardware snob. And you can tell him I said so.

    That rig is good enough for some fine game-playing and since Office and regular schoolwork aren't anywhere near that hard on your system, it should do fine through college (unless you're planning on becoming a graphic design major). I might suggest a GigaByte GA-K8NNXP-SLI mobo over the ASUS model, since for my money it offers more features and more security, but that's just me.

    Tell your dad, also, that if he wants to PAY FOR a hotter rig, you'll be glad to let him do so. In which case, make sure you get 2 GB RAM and a dual-core 4800+ CPU :).

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  2. don;t get sli unless you got like a 21 inch monitor or is using it connectedf to a TV, sli sucks at gaming w/o a big monitor and a non sli 6800GT or Ultra or hell 7800GTX is wayyy better then two 6600GT
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