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Help Setting Up 1st Network

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August 5, 2002 12:58:46 PM

Hey everyone,
I am trying to setup my first wireless network for my family at the house and I was wondering if there are any guides out there to help me along in the process. The parts I have is a Linksys 802.11b Wireless Router, Linksys 10/100 LAN card, and a Belkin 802.11b Wireless PC Card. I am building a new computer and I am wanting to hook that one up to the router directly by cable and hook the older(333 Celeron) upstairs to the wireless for internet and Email. I want the new computer to do everything like download things from the internet and online gaming. Should this setup work will you be able to see a noticable speed difference with two computers hooked up at the same time. Thanks for all of your help. I'm sure this is an elementary subject but I am new to the networking world! Thanks again for all of your input.

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August 6, 2002 7:22:51 AM

how do you have the network hooked up? is the wireless gateway hooked up to a router? i dont know for sure but i think the wireless routers are only wireless, i dont know if they have a wired connection. i would hope they do.

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