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i've just finished downloading l4d2 after two weekd with weak seeders first i've encountre a problem with the game every time i enter the game it crashes and tell me this message unable to load.... etc i dont remmeber it really but i solve this and the game starts and when i see the zombies for the first time the game crashes and go to the desktop
help me please
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  1. So, if I am not mistaken, it sounds like you're running a pirated copy. That would be the first issue.

    Not being preachy about being a pirate, but the fact that a game as popular as L4D2 has weak seeds should probably have told you something....namely that the copy was bad. Valve updates it fairly regularly, and one of the first things the game does is attempt to ping back to the home servers for patches.

    I've heard a lot more failures than sucesses with torrents of this game.
  2. Wasn't your last thread closed and deleted on the grounds this is a pirated game?

    Do you not get the hint?

    We will NOT help you with a pirated game.
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