Another fallout3 problem. couldnt find my answere anywhere

I just bought the fallout3 goty edition and it installed fine on my windows 7 gateway. I put the graphics on the lowest settings and started the game. It goes to the main menu and I click "new game" and it continues to the load screen. It loads for about 5 seconds then it crashes and says windows has encountered a problem. I have a brand new gateway with windows 7. An i3 processor. What can I do to get it to work?

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  1. do you have any mods? i saw a post before about this and this guy had a mod which was causing it if not i'll do some more searching for you
  2. On my pc or the game? Either way no. My pc is stock and I haven't even been able to play the game yet it always crashes before the game loads

    Ok cool thanks for looking
  3. uhh, whats your hardware? Graphics card, ram ,cpu,
  4. Here is everything you would need to know about my laptop :)
  5. hey i found your problem uhh your cpu and ram is good but you graphics card sucks balls no offense but it does look

    Chassis with Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD with 128MB of dedicated system memory supporting Microsoft® and Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset

    im not a hardcore pc person that needs a 400 doller graphics card i have a ati radeon hd 4350 which suits me perfectly it gets the job done i can play fallout 3 on high at 1280x1024 thats pretty good, so if you can (some laptops you can) take it to a shop or do it your self but buy a better graphics card and installed it but i doubt that you can so yea another thing that might be what are you running the game at?

    graphics level low,medium,high,ultra
    hdr and bloom and vertical sync
    and anti aliasing and astropic filtering
  6. Ok this was what I figured it was gonna be. Ill have to look into if I can replace it or not. I'm not a real good pc person I know how to use them very well but I'm not good with hardware specs and such.

    I tried running the game at the lowest possible settings. I turned everything off that I could to help it load. I doubt its gonna work on my pc as is.
  7. but you lowered everything so did it run? and okay if you cant replace graphics i dunno what to say i dont want to suggest a new computer/laptop because that one is really good just with bad graphics, so yea maybe you can find a config file for fallout 3 to run it
  8. no it didn't work. Where can I find a config file at?
  9. uhh i don't know some people make tweaked config files for smoother gameplay or to run it with, but i havnt found any im sorry i dunno what else to do expect maybe if you could find one a external graphics card
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