Modern Warfare 2 Trouble

Okay I just got a "borrowed" copy of Modernwarfare two yesterday and when I start it up I put all settings on max since I have a pretty decent gaming computer. However when I do this my screen goes into some rainbow colors when aiming down the site, and sometimes the whole screen just goes white, or the game will just freeze and I have to end the process through Task manager. Now I went to COD4 and had all my settings all the way up even with 4x AA and it ran PERFECT!!!

So now on MW2 I have to play with all lowered graphics except for the textures which are on normal not extra. I've reinstalled DirectX 9 but still no good, I have no idea what could be causing this problem... and on the other hand my friends gaming computer with a 8800GT and q6600 is running that game on all maxed out. What could be the problem?

Specs :

AMD phenomII x4 9650
PNY 9800GTX+
4 Gigs of RAM
650Watt SLI Hec X power pro
750GB Seagate sata HDD
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  1. Problem solved, had to install the 197.45 Winxp64 drivers I was on some ancient drivers.
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