Crysis Graphics Failure(?)

Well I searched far and wide and couldn't find someone who was experiencing my problem. In the first level, when you are in pursuit of that giant alien who has just taken joker, my screen turns into a series of dark green and black, vertical bars. I can't reset my monitor and fix the problem, nor can I alt+tab out and end the game. I must manually restart the computer. I have updated my video card drivers and am currently reinstalling the game.

I also tried patching the game which just led to further issues. After I patched to 1.21 whenever I changed ANY in game settings the game crashed.

Well, the graphics are beautiful...but the game itself largely unplayable as of now.

Here are some of my system specs:

OS: Windows 7 Premium 64bit
Graphics Card: Radeon 5780
Mobo: ASUS P55

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  1. Ok that problem was fixed by re installation. Unfortunately I now have a new problem. Randomly, several hundred gray squares are all over my screen. It's as if some pixels get corrupted and aren't displaying the correct graphic. Any ideas?
  2. Maybe that 5870 of yours is faulty
  3. Tamz_msc said:
    Maybe that 5870 of yours is faulty
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