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Abit IC7-G Problems

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September 24, 2004 6:32:59 PM

Ok, i was hooking up a friends new rig because he had to get a new mobo due to some problem with his old one [not 100% sure what the problem was but we were pretty sure it was that his motherboard*** fried somehow] So i am putting everything together and after i finished connecting everything i tried turning it on.

The computer turns on for a second [theres an orange light near the green light on the motherboard... i dont like the looks of it but is that normal when the computer turns on?] and then it shuts off, then it turns on again a second later and goes through the same process until i flip the switch on the psu.

so i tried a few things; i checked all the psu connectors to everything, i checked the hds and cd drives to make sure they are connected to the mobo, i checked the memory, i even made sure that the thermal paste on the cpu wasnt messed up or anything.

put everything back together and it still did the same thing... so i looked in the manual under troubleshooting. it said something about clearing the cmos. so i tried that a couple times... no avail it just sped up the process so now from a 5 second process, it starts up 5 times in 5 seconds... i really didnt like that so i took everything out of his case and looked online [laptop] to try to find some help. i saw one site that said to put the mobo on a towel to make sure it isnt being grounded by the studs or case... now heres where it gets weird.

i tried the pc on the towel with his video card [ati 9800 pro] and a basic set up, no other un needed periphrials... same thing it doesnt work. this time i tried to do a boot with his old 5200 that had fried and stopped working about 2 1/2 months before. oddly it does the weird sequence once and then starts up... i cant see if its actually running because of the video card being unable to transfer video / fried. [the orange light still comes on though]. i also tried to boot using his family's nvidia ti4200 or something... doesnt work, now this really puzzled me... i have an idea about what it could be but im not really sure if its possible

could the problem be his psu? it works with a fried video card but not with a working one?

could it be his mobo is defective> [btw i even tried taking a battery from another mobo and using it... same problem]

any other suggestions?

his rig:
p4 2.8C
abit ic7-g
ati 9800 pro
2x 256mb ddr400
120gb hd
350 watt psu


oops said monitor not mobo lol

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September 24, 2004 8:35:17 PM

Have you tried just seeing what the motherboard does without anything on it? No vid card no nothing. Try doing just the mobo and add in components one at a time. Do you get any system beeps, and does the manual or manufactures website list what the LED lights represent?

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September 24, 2004 9:17:22 PM

The problem is most likely his power supply.

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