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Which would be best for gaming/normal use?

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    Hello lulzcat;
    From the 3 PCs you posted:
    SYX Venture SG-1020 E7500 2.93Ghz CPU 9800GT Video card $700
    iBUYPOWER 939TI Core i3-530 2.93GHz CPU, GT 220 video card $670
    CybertronPC CINN21202 E5200 2.50GHz CPU, 9500GT video card $670

    The one with the 9800GT would be the best gaming system. The 9800GT is quite a bit better video card.
  2. Thanks! I was really confused because the 220GT had more memory.
  3. Whats the resolution of your monitor?

    If you want to compare the 9500GT / GT 220 / 9800GT in a few more games look here @ TechPowerUp
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  5. My monitor is a CRT at 1152x864.
  6. Can you also use your CRT at 1280x1024? Those comparatively low resolutions would not benefit from a video card with 1GB of video RAM. You definately want the more powerful video card.

    AT 1152x864 or 1280x1024 the 9800GT would be considerably better at gaming than the 9500GT or GT 220.
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