p4c 800 help ?

i have p4c800 and p4 3.0E running on it with 512 of ddr 3200 RAM ...the problem is i m not able to use PAT in my mobo as soon as i enable the turbo mode(in bios) my comp doesn't start at all....moreover i don't see at what speed my ram is running as 3d mark03pro,pcmark04 pro says RAM frquency 0.0 Hz,moreover they say L3 0B
what is wrong with my settings...?

i m doomed!!!
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  1. same happened to me with that mobo on my old comp. dont know how to fix it.

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  2. Turbo overclocks the memory, run on standard or auto.


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  3. auto also overclocks the memmory
    or was it standard
    Anyway I'm sure the first one overclocks the memmory and i'm sure the other 2 overclock the memmory

    System Spec's:
    3.2e @3.8ghz
    klipsch ultra's

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  4. PAT requires higher quality memory. SOme chips will work with it, others won't, even from the same model of chip. One way to have a better chance to get it to work is to go up one step in speed. IE, if yo'ure not overclocking, typical ram you'd want would be PC3200. So if you wanted to use PAT, would have a better chance of it working if you used PC4000 ram, even though you were running it at PC3200 speeds.
  5. I thought PAT worked best with lower latency RAM, like 2-2-2-5.
    I have Corsair TwinX Pro 3200 and GigaBytes version of PAT, CIA works fine.
    But memory will work up to 4000 with higher latencies.

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  6. Yes it does tend tow ork better with lower latency ram, which is why you buy faster ram, which can run at lower latencys when you run it at speeds below it's rated speed.
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