Best Headset for under 150.

I'm looking for a good headset for FPS gaming. I'm willing to spend up to 150 on it.
Also, I only have my mobo's onboard sound card, so either it's gotta be a cheap 5.1 / 7.1 so I can buy a sound card, or just a good stereo.
I play for hours on end, and I listen to tons of music too.
Help would be appreciated.
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  1. Check out USB headsets with emulated surround sound.
    I have the brother of this headset (377) and I love it! It has great build quality (unfortunately I broke it so it's holding up with tape and glue now but it does have a great warranty I'm just to lazy to send it) I think it a great headset all around it also has great sound quality for it's price!
  3. I've been thinking about getting a Sound Blaster Arena...
    Good choice? Or seinnheiser 151
  4. For headset check out the Roccat Kave - it is superb for its price; as of sound card even the cheaper Creative Xtreme Gamer & Asus Xonar D* will be much better than the onboard sound.

    I have currently installed Xtreme Gamer combined with Kave and I'm very very happy with it, although I'm thinking to ditch the Creative card just because of the bloatware they come with and crappy drivers...
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