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Can someone tell me why I should get a bioshock.exe error and computer shutdown when I have the key from Dr whatshisname and am heading down the tunnel from the surgical unit to insert the key so I get on with the rest of the game? I have reinstalled the game twice and this does not fix the problem. Also where is this mystical alternative route that I am supposed to follow after the tunnel failure. Goin up and down this tunnel is fine before if retrieve the key but when Ryan warns me that the tunnel is collapsing due to unsatble ground, the screen goes blank and I get the bioshock.exe error. My system is XP and I am using nvidia programme as well as the latest direct x programme. Apart from game feezes for boishock2 it works fine.

Thanks. peter T
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  1. Maybe its your graphics card, you meet all the minimum specs for the game right?check your event log in control panel --> admin tools and check what the event that crashed said the fault was in, then google the result eg 0x00ff3344 and it should tell you what's causing the fault or at least give an indication
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