GTA 4 Parental control blocking the program

I have installed the GTA 4 in Windows 7 Home edition 64 bit. After installation when I start the game it is not starting and giving a message that the program may be blocked by parental control/security, this message is coming from game.
I am running an admin account as the parental control of Windows are not applicable on admin account.

I have tried different solutions given on internet,

- I ran the game in compatiblity mode with Windows XP SP3, Vista, Vista SP1 & SP2, as an admin.
- I reinstalled the game by running the setup in compatiblity mode in XP SP3,Vista SP1 & SP2, as an admin.
- I made a seprate standard account with parental controls applicable on it and making the parental control for 18+, and ran the game with that account.
- I stopped my antivirus service while running the game.

Even after trying all the above mentioned solutions, I am getting the same errror. Kindly help!!
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  2. @amir619 - i am running on an admin account and the parental controls are not applicable for admin... furthermore the error is coming from the game not from the windows..
    ... but i'll give a try for this also and get back to the thread.....
  3. which patch do u have
  4. patch for?? can you please elobrate
  5. also the parental control service is already stopped... the message is coming from game only.
  6. Where did you get the game from?
  7. @greghome - how can the rockstar games register anyone below 18 for M rating game like this.. its not possible even if u gave wrong info :)
    also im playing offline ... not via social club... as i am a mobile user... after i skips the logging part then it says that ur not logged to social blah blah blah.. then this message pops up when I run the game... I just registerd once online and after that didnt connect it to internet... do i have to connect it every time I play...? is there no way to remove this sociaal club option everytime poping up... may be it is causing this problm....
    huuhhh... im just tired of all this......
  8. Social club is required unless you have the latest patch. If you apply the latest patch, social club is no longer required to play the game.
  9. @isamuelson - can you provide me more information about this patch? is it from rockstar games? name of patch? may be it can help or else i have to uninstall and trash my game disc :(
  10. It's from rockstar I would assume. I have GTA IV via Steam, so the patch was automatically downloaded and applied for me. Not sure about those that have purchased the game on DVD.
  11. ok thx, i'll give a last try :(
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