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I just found Crysis ,Crysis wars and Crysis warhead all for 2.99 so done I arrived home and want to install those games. My big problem is :games are originals but not manual from where to copy the serial number.On the Cd's no scratch no problem they asked me to write a serial number .Please help , what can I do.

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  1. Where exactly did you get that copy? Since it sure as hell doesn't seem to be original ...
  2. There are originals games 100% ,from a store with old staff .I think someone make a mistake to put them in a Star Wars box .I went back to the store to find a Crysis box but chance .I want just a suggestion , it is possible to play those games or ...
  3. Go back to the store and 'fess up, they might let you keep the game or they might not.
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