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Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that games ported to PC from console don't allow any anti aliasing options. I don't have extensive experience with this but 2 games I've fairly recently tried playing are Dark Void and Mass Effect. Neither game has anti aliasing options that I can recall. I just end up having to force AA through Catalyst Control Center, but it's a pain to remember what settings I'm on all the time I wish I could just set the game settings and be done with it.
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    Mass Effect runs on the Unreal Engine, which due to the way it handles textures, is incapable of doing normal anti-alising techniques. All Unreal based games have this issue. A handful get special AA algorithms, but its a fault of the engine itself.

    A lot of console titles also use software based AA, which considering the difference between CPU and GPU power, makes more sense for them anyways...
  2. Ah so it's the Unreal engine, I noticed Dark Void also uses it. I guess I'll just have to stick with forcing the AA through Catalyst Control Center.
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  4. I cant speak for ati, but the nvidia control panel lets you set different settings for each game if you want
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