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I was wondering if it is possible to disable one hdmi audio device without effecting the other. It might just be my computer but i have 2 hdmi devices, my monitor and my television, both of which have speakers and are connected to the same graphics card, but under playback devices only one "ATI DP Output" is shown. When ever i select it as default only my monitor speakers work, which i dont one seeing as I have computer speakers, I only want it out of my tv, like when i am watching a movie on it. Also i was wondering if it was possible to have the speaker selection automatically change if i move say vlc over from my monitor using the computer speakers, to my tv using the television speakers?

Thanks for the help
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  1. I honestly don't think you can do what you are describing without manual intervention. Your PC can only have one default output device, to change requires user input.

    I assume that your monitor is your primary display and that your TV is the secondary, is that correct? Are you using your sound card with standard speakers for anything? Just trying to narrow down your options.

    Also, what GPU/video card are you using?
  2. Yeah my monitor is my primary display. I use my tv only when i watch tv shows or movies from my computer. I am just using the onboard sound on my p5q deluxe motherboard with the speakers the listen to music when i am using my monitor, which is the majority of the time. I am using a ati 4850.
  3. Well, you could use your onboard sound for all of your sound output (would need to select as your default output device) and not worry about trying to switch the HDMI connections around.

    If you switch your monitor and TV config (primary/secondary) I would think you would create the opposite problem of sound output. I am pretty sure the primary output device (via the HDMI connection) is the one sound is outputed to. I know of no way to modify that behavior.
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