i need some serious pc help....

ok,im frustrated this pc has given me hell in a variety of ways,ive already been to local pc shops tellin me what they think the problem might be but they charge a "diagnostic fee" of like 30$ and ive searched mainstream places,like circuitcity etc.....for power supplies.my problem is kinda hard to explain,basicly one day it shut off while on,after that some time later i noticed the cathode light sticks on my tower flickering.(everything worked fine before) as i disconnected each fan i have(about 6-7 or so) the lights got brighter,made me think they were not gettin enough power....so i disconnected all the fans and lights and it worked for a while.then even that wasn't enough i had to disconnect my dvd and cd drives for it to boot up and run.and now basicly it gets to the windows loading screen and restarts at the same point every time,in a constant loop....the power supply i have is a "powmax",which i have not heard good things about its 500 watts,which frankly should be enough,the other thing that was suggested to me was maybe it was my ram,i have 512 stick of corsair xms ddr400 ram.i was told at the pc shop to go into bios or some such thing and have it stay on for like 15 mins if it didn't stay on it was most likely power supply if it DID stay on it could be a bad cpu or ram.....im goin nuts! please guys i real need help.

UPDATE:ok guys i have an update and i realy need your thoughts,i went to compusa and the only antecs they had high enough in wattage was the trueblue 480watt (which looked great) but they had a great deal,they ordered in a realy nice thermaltake 550watt and i got it for 80 bux,ok so i hooked it up with all the fans,lights etc.....they all stayed on true and vibrant and did not flicker or act up etc....fans worked well....everything looked good.....problem is it still restarts the same way it did on the other power supply,good lord whats goin on?! i mean maybe my mobo is shorting.... but this has been goin on for some time now,i would think my motherboard would have been shot from shorting some time ago....::sigh:: im wondering if this PS was worth the purchase...and why this damn pc keeps restart when loading windows at the same place everytime.

i hope my mobo did not get screwed by this... i appreciate everyone's help but i dont have the money to buy a new mobo and do all that,i might as well buy a new pc lol but i have not had this long enough to enjoy lol. maybe a Virus is to be blamed,its not conected to the internet but i have certainly put lots of files onto that pc that have come from the internet.i just dont know what else to do this is driving me nutz.....i can still access the bios setup and do all that fun stuff it just happenes to restart at the same place while loading winodws everytime...
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  1. It is posssible that you corrupted your windows, with all those restarts. Try a repair install, or just reinstall.
  2. PowMax are junk, utter garbage, the worst power supply on the market. Not only that, but they sell to other companies, so that MANY cheap power supplies are just relabled Powmax trash. You wouldn't BELIEVE how bad they are unless you opened one and compared it to a REAL power supply, so let me help you out: Compare <A HREF="http://www.sysopt.com/articles/PSU_Perspectives/PSU3.jpg" target="_new">YOUR OLD POWER SUPPLY</A> to a cheapo <A HREF="http://www.sysopt.com/articles/PSU_Perspectives/PSU2.jpg" target="_new">Gateway 145W Power Supply</A>. Is it possible a cheap Gateway 145W power supply could trounce your old one?

    Anyway, all that crashing probably currupted your system files, it's time to reinstall Windows.

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