Multiplayer cd key for halo

when i enter a multiplayer game the system sais: Your CD key is Invalid what should i do? :o plz help
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  1. I'll ask the obvious question, do you have a legitimate copy of this game. And where did you obtain it? If it wasn't from a store it is possible that it's a non-legit copy.
  2. Buy the game. If you did, then the CD key should be either on the manual or the CD case.

    Otherwise, don't ask for help with software that have not been legitimately purchased and asking for keys (even if you bought the game and lost the key) is not allowed on these forums.
  3. 1. If you bought the game used then you are screwed unless you know the original owner and ask him/her to de-active the account. That might work.

    2. If you bought it new, then go back to the store and ask for an exchange.

    3. If you illegally downloaded the game, then just buy the game you deadbeat.
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