How Do You Use 5 PCI Slots w/o IRQ Conflicts???

I am using the Abit IC7-G motherboard (bios #26)

I am a fairly advanced user, however one thing continues to allude me with "Wintel" computers. How does one use 4-5 PCI slots without running into IRQ conflicts? There HAS to be a better way other than randomly trying various PCI slot combinations. Also I don't really understand how to manually set IRQ's.

Can someone provide detailed instructions to help me understand this? If it helps at all, here are the components I wish to use at once.

ATI Radeon X800 Pro 256MB (AGP)

SIIG Ultra ATA/133 Controller PCI (Model CN2487)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
ADS Technologies PYRO BasicDV PCI FireWire Card
Zoom Duel Mode 56K PCI Fax Modem (Model 2925)

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer w/PS2 connection (uses an IRQ)
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  1. Generally, if you're using Windows 2000 or Win XP, the OS will do IRQ sharing which, in my experience at least, eliminates the IRQ question. Earlier windows versions, and DOS had a big problem with IRQs. I have a lot of devices and most PCI slots full and no problems with IRQs.

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  2. XP will also share resources and IRQ's automatically.

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  3. Here is a good tip for you.

    First go into the bios and dissable any unused ports. Generally the serial ports are unused except for older cameras. If you have a USB printer or no printer at all ,dissable the printer port also.

    This will free up more IRQ's so you have less sharing.

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  4. Many devices can share IRQ's at hardware level without issue, such as most "software" modems (IRQ assigned by BIOS), USB controllers, sound cards (except for DOS compatability mode). Drive controllers, video cards, and many Network cards don't like to do it. Most boards have documentation either in the manual or in BIOS as to which slots are shared.

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  5. Generally speaking slot 1 and 5 are the two that share their IRQ address. you should try installing your most "flexible" cards in those slots, refer to Crashmans post.

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