Who supplies screws and standoffs

Okay, this is close to a dumb question, but I'll risk getting laughed at and ask anyway.

Who supplies the brass stand-offs, screws, leads to front panel power and reset switches, etc. that are essential to building a new PC? Do they usually come with the motherboard? Or with the case? I couldn't find anything like an installation kit on newegg.

I haven't built a PC in about five years, which is why I have to ask. Thanks.
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  1. They will come with the case.

    If you buy a nicer case you will tend to have tons of extras. If you buy a cheaper case, you will tend to have just enough (At least that has been my expeierence).

    Over the years I have gather quite a collection of spares, but whenever I need something I generally go to the local PC shop, and most of the time they just give me whatever I need, if I need a whole handful of stuff they generally charge me $1 or something minimal.

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