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Games problem

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Last response: in Video Games
June 17, 2010 10:51:11 AM

I am Adam
And i need some help...
When i enter some games and press "W" to walk or "A","S","D"...
The caracter will walk normaly but, when i continue walking and...
Suddenly the character will auto walk with out pressing and the mouse will freeze...
What to do??? please help :) 
That problem became before 6hours only...

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June 17, 2010 12:18:02 PM

Possibly a faulty keyboard, keys getting stuck down, etc? try a diff keyboard and mouse for starters and see if it goes away. For example when playing aion occasionally i will keep walking sideways and i have to hammer the key to stop it, i think because of too much beer down the keyboard..
June 17, 2010 2:02:18 PM

if replacing/fixing the keyboard/mouse doesn't work, try moving without the keyboard (with the mouse instead). maybe it's a graphics rendering issue that's causing your machine to get locked?

This is just a suggestion, not completely sure, especially where you said it just happened all of a sudden... although that has happened to me before, hardware failing in a heartbeat...

but yeah, do what captain hero suggested!
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June 17, 2010 2:15:02 PM

Ok i will try :) 
But the problem that this problem only in some games not in all games...
And when i press "W" now that won't happen...
June 17, 2010 7:28:59 PM

Actually this almost sounds like a LAG issue.... Your in a FPS (online), and all of a sudden you keep moving, mouse/keys don't respond then all of a sudden it goes back to normal? This happens to me when my ISP starts to drop packets left and right.... When it starts to happen alot I will reboot my modem and router and it will go back to normal again.... If that doesn't fix it, I will call them and let them know... With prof that I am having packet loss more than 10%.... I will run a "ping -n 100 > c:\yahoo.txt" and a "ping -n 100 > c:\" and a "tracert > c:\Gtracert.txt"

Just a thought...
June 18, 2010 7:46:39 AM

Nothing works :s
But if i programmed my PC that problem will get fixed???

I got video about the problem :)
That's problem isn't in that game only!
In the must games!
June 18, 2010 4:47:05 PM

On which games does this problem occur? Does the pc also freeze up during apps?