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asus k8v se deluxe help

Last response: in Motherboards
October 6, 2004 6:49:19 AM

I installed win xp on my amd 64 3200 with the asus k8v se deluxe mb.. in the bios i picked raid for the hd.. i dont have raid i have sata only.. should i switch it to ide??

when the computer boots it says , searching for ide drives.. it says none found and bios not installed.. i think its looking for a raid hdd? it then loads win xp fine with no problem.

When i go into device hardware properties in xp , the device driver for sata raid has a yellow mark next to it indicating its not working..

how do i fix this problem and also when it boots it looks for ide devices or a raid hdd i think?? boot xp loads fine.

also it says cpu fan error.. i think its due to the fact the cpu cable is connected to the atx blade case?? if so how do i stop this error from happening? when i got into the bios it does not show how fast the fans are spinning it says n/a, i think this is do to the fans are monitored by the case itself?? i know the fans are spinning.. any help would be appreciated,,, my main concern is when the computer boots it looks for ide devices then says none found bios not installed but then boots xp fine, also the error in the hardware properties next to the sata raid driver..


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October 6, 2004 10:54:13 AM

The RAID controller searching for HDDs is normal. You may be able to disable it in BIOS, but don't fret about it either way, it just means it takes a little longer to boot.

Your motherboard should have come with a driver disk that will have the drivers for the RAID controller in windows. If you're not using it though, it doesn't <i>really</i> matter. :smile:

For the CPU fan error, you should ideally plug the CPU fan into the little header on the motherboard which'll be very near the CPU socket and labelled something like CPU_FAN.

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October 7, 2004 3:51:01 AM

Just disable raid in bios. Then go to where it says na for the fan, and hit +. That should disable fan monitoring.