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Howdy, all. I'm turning sixteen here shortly, and, as goes my stereotype, I'm not so interested in a car. I've wanted a gaming laptop for forever. My price range that my parents are willing to spend is rather low. I'm shooting for under $1k. I'm not sure what'll swing with the parentals, but I can probably raise half, worst case scenario. Anyway, if I have to build a reasonable computer and customize settings and such, could someone walk me through it? I'm not too great at determining what would fit the World of Warcraft. :)
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  1. That's a bit confusing. You mention about wanting a gaming laptop, but also say "building a computer" which obviously refers to a desktop (which you can actually build) as opposed to a laptop (which you cannot).
    So desktop or latop?
  2. I would seriously suggest building a computer out of parts. I did it and it cost half as much as an already built comp with the same parts. It does take a LOT of knowledge though.
  3. Building a computer doesn't take a "LOT" of knowledge, persay.

    All you have to do is go to the system forum and make a new post using the template provided, and tens of people will jump out with good builds for your price/intended use. Once you have a list of parts you are going to use, read the assorted assembly guides on the forum for how to actually build the computer.

    Once you've read them (they have pictures as well), order the parts if you are comfortable, and build away! We're always here on the forums to help out with new builds and troubleshooting as well :)
  4. A build-ur-own desktop will be a lot cheaper and faster too.

    A 1,000 USD laptop will be kinda low-end gaming but a built 1,000 USD desktop wud run Crysis at high in 1280x1024 OR MORE in smooth FPS.

    And BTW, I don't think he really has to literally BUILD it on his own; he can ask the guyz at the store to build it for him while WE can choose his parts

    so,iwowforthewow; wud u like to buy a desktop instead?
  5. I would also get a desktop because it is less tempting to carry around and drop.
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